Detailed description of goods and warranty obligations

Our masks are made of durable injection molded plastic, painted with acrylic paint, and coated with a protective varnish to prevent minor damage. Our masks are neither medical devices nor protective equipment.

The mask is supplemented with a genuine leather clasp for comfortable wearing.

Our masks are made exclusively by hand. If you would like to suggest your own designs for your purchase, please contact us by email or Instagram @hodo_masks

If you are worried about the integrity of the mask upon delivery, we recommend that you remove the unpacking on video, if the mask was damaged on the way, you can send us a video within two days after receiving the parcel and we will send you a new mask for free within 5 days.

If for some reason a different mask model was sent to you than the one you ordered, we also ask you to film the product and send us a video confirmation, after which we will send you the product again for free.

If more than 60 days have passed since the day the goods were dispatched, and the parcel has not yet arrived at the pick-up point, let us know about your problem. We commit to resend or refund free of charge.